Remembering about Our Friendship

&nbsp.Yonder, upon the hilltop amongst the trees, my friend waits…” I don’t know why this tuck but it did and I will let those science or psychology geeks figure it out. Nevertheless, my dear friend – let’s call him Phil – is a certified genius with an IQ of over 130 but that did not stop him from enjoying his youth.
Phil and I grew up in the same town, same city and went to the same school from primary to high school…and yes, we were privileged to have gone to a private Catholic school ran by the stern and strict priests and nuns. Boys being boys, Phil and I were bosom buddies and we did all sorts of things. He was the brains and I was the brawn. Where Phil would use finesse, I would use muscle to get in and out of things. Phil loved quoting Galileo, Einstein, Hitler (a really weird liking of him!), and other great masters at 9 years old while I busy myself raiding neighbors’ trees, especially during warm summer months.
We were the typical boys about town living and doing what boys have done since time immemorial. We laughed, we cried, we frolicked and we lived our lives. Our friendship was meant to be forever but Phil had to go…I forgot to tell that Phil’s parents are international accountants/managers and they usually go on missions for the World Bank or the United Nations. Right before high school graduation, Phil said that he’ll be taking college in Europe because his parents were offered a cushy job at the U.N. in Geneva. Of course, like any friends, we were saddened by the situation but we promised to keep in touch. To make a long goodbye story short, Phil left two weeks after high school graduation and I spent that summer working odd jobs and getting ready for college.