Relationships and Connections of Variables

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The literature offers a myriad of information yielded by various researches on human relationships. Concepts on a wide spectrum from physiological responses to romantic relationships, emotions that are manifested during romances, social implications or consequences of engaging in romantic relationships, and perceptions and viewpoints that are attempted to explain some phenomena related to romance have been analyzed and discussed in the paper. Studies on romance include research conducted by social scientists, which unearthed evidence of physiological responses manifested by heightened hormones in new romances of Dr. Donatella Marazitti and Helen Fisher. Rule of thumb in writing is that you do not use the same word twice in a sentence.
One such study is that of adolescents who have become popular subjects/ participants in researches on conceptualization and expectations in romantic relationships… Feiring conducted interviews with adolescents with outcome results that indicated romantic partner selection in late adolescence and early adulthood is initiated due to of stimulus characteristics, such as desirable personality and physical attractiveness. In the adolescents’ reports, physical attraction to a prospective romantic partner is expressed as finding the person cute, pretty or handsome, rather than in terms of sexuality (e.g. a good kisser). As the relationship progresses, common interests and interpersonal compatibility becomes essential.
(Conger, Cui, Bryant, and Elder conducted a longitudinal study that examined the effects of family influences on adolescents’ romantic behavior in their early adult life.nbsp.