Reflective Summary

Reflective Summary REFLECTIVE SUMMARY I am a of Bsc. (Hons) in psychology with plans to further my education by taking masters in psychology. My aim is to become a psychologist in the future. Psychology concerns the study of behavior and mind and concerns the understanding of motivations, feelings, and thoughts that underpin behavior (French, 2010). Psychology’s nature makes it a discipline that is wide-ranging and inclusive of various exciting and stimulating areas of study. Through my study of psychology, I have taken a broad-based approach to research and psychology theory’s core aspects during my first two years followed by opportunities to develop specialist knowledge in health psychology as well as undertaking a research project. My degree course has given me a thorough grounding in essential areas that are considered vital by the American Psychology Association. It has also allowed me to develop interests and knowledge in contemporary and applied areas of psychology and the participation in research.
As a health psychologist, I would work in a relatively new profession of applied psychology. The principles learnt in my course will aid me in promoting change in attitudes held by various people in their thinking concerning illness and health (French, 2010). My coursework will aid me through the use of psychological interventions and theories to prevent behaviors that are damaging such as poor diet, drug abuse, and smoking, as well as changing behavior that is related to health in workplace and community settings. It will also help me in the promotion and protection of health via encouraging such behaviors like teeth brushing, healthy dietary choice, self-examination, and exercise, as well as health related cognitions through investigating process to explain, predict, and alter illness and health behavior. My coursework will also prepare me for health care delivery processes and the psychological aspects of illness. My work as a volunteer at local peer groups and healthy living workshops will also be of help as I take on changing people’s behavior as concerns healthy living and the avoidance of illnesses that are avoidable.
In order to achieve my goal to become a Chartered member via the health psychology route of training, I require more qualifications. These include a chartered membership graduate basis that I can achieve through completion of a conversion course or a society-accredited degree. I also need to pursue Masters in health psychology that is society accredited, as well completion of the second stage of the society’s health psychology qualifications that includes two years of practice that is supervised (French, 2010). Some institutions offer Doctorate programs, which, after completion, will make one eligible to become a society-chartered member. Finally, in order for me to use the title of Health Psychologist, I will be required to register with HCPC, which involves the completion of the society’s stage 2 qualifications or the equivalent qualification approved by HCPC.
However, one problem that I face in my pursuit of qualification and membership is my research skills. To improve on my research skills, I aim to consult regularly with the librarian to be directed to various relevant library resources, such as multimedia and print sources. I will also request the librarian to suggest particular databases to me and discuss the intricacies of plagiarism, which has been one of my weak points. I will also have to review my criteria for reviewing the suitability of sources and collaborate with the University librarian in the design of research questions that will help to employ critical thinking.
French, David. (2010). Health psychology. Chichester: British Psychological Society.