Reflection on the Use of Technology in Education in the UAE

This essay stresses that every year, the country has reported a significant increase in the number of students enrolling for different courses in the institutions of learning. Eventually, the number of instructors has decreased below the recommended student: teacher ratio. At the same time, many institutions of learning have made education a form of making profits by admitting as many students as possible. The higher the number of students in institutions of learning, the lower is the capability of the lecturers to deliver to all the students. The result has been the use of different technologies in education.

This paper makes a conclusion that the success of the use of technology in teaching and learning heavily depends on the perceptions and attitudes of both the educators and the students. The perception has been primarily positive following the digital technology campaign and the need for technology literacy in schools. Institutions that do not implement technology learning in the UAE are seen as outdated and ones that do not instill the required skills to their students. In the earlier years, the use of technology in education in the UAE was a debatable topic that attracted varying opinions. Many people in the country discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using technology in education. However, as many institutions started adopting the use of technology, its benefits now seem to outweigh its shortcomings. Education has taken a new dimension and meaning with the use of technology.