Quality and Environmental Management Report

The philosophy regards the processes to be problematic in general and not the employees. Customer satisfaction being the top aim in a quality management system, good leadership and power delegation at different employee levels for increased participation and teamwork. To achieve total quality management, processes and tools must be integrated with each other and the system itself to be recursively controlled by quality assurance check. Inspite of developing quality control methodologies, many European and American companies have not been able to attain much benefit from them. This is mostly because of lack of insight in implementation and mismatches between processes and problems. This means quality management should be treated as a due process with careful choosing of tools. There is a number of quality assurance tools that can be deployed to support a good quality management system for the house manufacturing company. Since the company is producing prefinished products to support the on site construction, it is essential that the prefinished components are of good quality as evident by the problem occurring for the company. The basic tools to be deployed for the prefinished products range from production floor to advanced technologies and methods including ISO 9001, total quality management and Six sigma method. Seeing that the company already has a production floor as shown in the brief, it can be improved by adapting to Lean manufacturing in addition to these can help the company reduce the costs as well as increase the quality of their products by eliminating any processes and methods that are not useful for the finished product and customer demand. This will be a sure way to save space in the allocated workshops, clean up the processes and have only the customer oriented processes running. With the continuous improvement from total quality management and statistical controls of the Six sigma method, the defects in the prefabrications should be eliminated. As far as the actual causes of the defects occurring in the products are well handled and eliminated, the finished houses will be of good quality. 2. Plan and describe an appropriate ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System (QMS), which the organization could employ to improve their quality problems. By meeting unique customer requirements and avoiding non-conformities ISO 9001 can help the company achieve full customer satisfaction (Cianfrani amp. West 2009). To comply with the industrial standards ISO quality standard improves internal operations and also covers the design research and development. Since the company’s construction is tied to the production of the prefinished products, a holistic approach is the best way to proceed. An appropriate quality management system to comply with a comprehensive set of standards to ensure quality for the customers would be to set up an appropriate organization structure for the company (Case Management Advisor 2004). An appropriate organization structure is a basic set of compliant quality management system that ISO 9001 gives. The organization should start from the top of the organization structure to improve the processes by fixing the processes management structure. The top management should be given clear policies to fully communicate the required products and customer requirem