Psychology of Gender Turning Knowledge about Sexuality into Practice

Secondly, and it concerns men mostly, don’t push your girlfriend or force her to make love with you, because even if you consider having sex as a win, think about what kind of victory you get using such measures. The most important thing that adolescents of both genders need to understand is that sex is a very intimate process that requires mutual agreement for it from both partners and must be conducted by personal willingness only. Your partner might demand your body in different ways from begging to blackmailing and labeling you, but you should always remember that it is wrong. First of all, the partner who respects your personality would never ask you to have sex with him knowing that you don’t want it, because real relationships shouldn’t be based on physical satisfaction only, they must be built on mutual respect in the first place.
Don’t treat girls like objects of physical pleasure and try to understand their feelings and desires and this will make sex even more victorious and pleasant process. Thus don’t make your intimate relationships a kind of show and try not to be vain of them. Many adolescent girls’ opinions about their sexual experience with adolescent guys contain feelings of disgust and disrespect towards their partners. It happens that frequently young men behave in a very repulsive manner, so the best advice for men not to be disgusting in all the possible meanings of the notion. Respect to your partner makes you not only a decent person but also makes your girlfriend trust you, so her sexual desire would increase if she understood that you treat her with respect.
As for girls, don’t be afraid of expressing you emotional condition and refuse sex if you don’t want it to happen. First of all, there are multiple things that you often suffer from during adolescent relationships, which in fact depend on your