Psychoanalytic Psychosocial Cognitive Behavioral and Other Theories

92250 Freud changed the field of psychology by his theories of the unconscious mind and defensive mechanism in human beings. There are however many arguments against his work and a school of psychology know as Neo-Freudians have altered or completely negated many theories laid down by Sigmund. Regardless, he is still considered to be the greatest psychologist of all time. For these reasons, he has been chosen as the subject of analysis.Born to a family of Jews in the Austrian Empire, Freud was considered intelligent from a very young age. His mother was 21 when she gave birth to Freud and his father a wool merchant Jakob, was 41. Together he had eight siblings and was favored over them all. This favor from his parents allowed Freud to receive proper education even in very dismal economic conditions. After moving to Vienna because of bad economic conditions, Freud got admission in Leopoldstädter Kommunal-Realgymnasium. This was a very prominent school of Vienna. here Freud once again displayed his extraordinary mind and graduated with honors. After receiving his education and working for some time as a zoologist, just before serving a year in the army, in 1885 Freud started his career as a neurologist working alongside Jean-Martin Charcot. This fellowship was instrumental in diverting Freud from being a neurologist to a career of medical psychopathology. Freud married Martha Bernays, who was a daughter of a Rabbi. During his own practice, Freud first started experimenting with conversation as a source of medical cure.There is solid evidence indicating that during this era Freud had an affair with his sister in law. This romantic relationship ended up in abortion. This was a very troubled time in Freud’s life. In his early forties, Freud indeed creating some of his most amazing works. According to Freud, "had numerous psychosomatic disorders as well as exaggerated fears of dying and other phobias." During this period Freud spent a lot of time studying his own past and emotions.&nbsp.