Proposal Goals and Objectives

Proposal Goals and Objectives Proposal Goals and Objectives This essay typically represents the goals and objectives of Aiken Youth Empowerment (AYE).
GOAL: Improve the social wellbeing of children, families and youths in general
Objective 1
Objective 2
Objective 3
Objective 4
Direction of change
Area of change
school children from making poor decisions
good decision making skills
Good relationship between children and parents
On proper communication skills
Degree of change
30 percent
75 percent
80 percent
90 percent
Time frame
3 months
6 months
10 months
12 moths
Goals and objectives
the main operational goal in the formation of AYE way to equip children, parents, teachers and youths with the basic knowledge that would allow such group of individuals to make accurate decisions thus regulating personal behavior.
Outcome objectives
The formation of AYE followed streams of objectives. Completion of these objectives would be most prolific in determining the targeted outcomes. The objectives include:
1. Prevent individual engagement in risky behaviors.
2. Facilitate the process of making rational and healthier decisions.
3. Develop proper relationship between children and parents.
4. Educate on the basic terms and skills of making good communication.
Target population
The first target population is school going children facing challenges of making proper decisions leading to rampant school drop outs at the expense of their parents who struggle very hard to ensure they are in school as they look for school fees and other upkeeps which are for the betterment of their children at schools. The 2nd target population is parents and children with irrational decision-making skills. Parents sand children are faced with poor decision skill as they are poorly endowed. The knowledge is thus necessary to be instilled to equip children and even their teachers with such necessary and basic skill to step up the level of rationality. Children, teachers and parents experiencing poor relationships will also form part of the target population. A better relationship among all the participants is very vital as this leads to consultation which will in essence translates to tangible and better actions undertaken. Children and parents without well-established communication linkages will also be included as target population. Such target groups should form the basis towards the achievement of the stated goal as this will foster a culture where children are free to share their challenges with the parents which enhance ease with which such challenges will be solved.
Process objectives
1. Reduce the number of school dropouts up to below 20 percent on average between 1994 and 2009.
2. Increase the number of local schools from 30 percent to 45 percent between 1994 and 2009.
3. Improve on various youth-service agencies to over 65 percent between 1994 and 2009.
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