Production and operation managment

e conversant with the new product planning hence being able to pursue P/OM goals through partnership with marketing, finance, and many other business functions. With the aid of systems approach, P/OM is subject to indicate as being crucial to the strategic goal planning (Starr 53).
This is an area whereby strategies and tactics are subject to evaluate together in learning their combined contribution in the productivity, low costs, high quality, timelines, and total capability required for reaching efficient and effective control of the supply chain activities. Through enlarging on the importance of the cultural perspectives and the global literacy, this book provides more insights of tomorrow’s operational strategies. As forward-looking teacher and a good leader through the field of Production and Operations Management, Martin K. Starr’s book provides a reflection on a sea of change that occurs in the current working places. In this regard, the new role of the P/OM is to engage in partnership with the company executives into influencing on the integration of the decisions involving all functional areas within an organization (Starr 69).
A production manager in the sandwiches production at home serves the similar role of running a small-scale business operation. In this case, the manager’s role would involve filling the pivotal role of the business that entails planning, overseeing operations, and coordination through smooth communications. The first role as a director of operations when making sandwiches at home is managing of the resources. An operation manager will lead the role of managing the raw materials and the personnel. This will involve overseeing of inventory, with purchasing and supplies being the central job, with human resource tasks being hiring and overseeing their tasks and planning of staff development. The second role will include the logistics management, whereby the operations manager will ensure that all machinery and the equipment