Problems in the Food Industry

Most of the issues are health-related issues, which reduce the life span of human beings as they cause terminal illnesses.
Environmental pollution has also implicated negatively of the food industry. The climate has been highly affected by food production in most parts of the country. In addition, environmental pollution caused by the activities of human beings has also affected food production (Halden and Schwab 5-12). Further, the use of inorganic fertilizers has also affected the quality of food that is produced by farmers in the world today. This is because it has led to changes in the soil composition, which is directly evident in the contents of the food that is produced by farmers (Abel, Thomson and Maretzki 1). Moreover, an increase in the human population has also led to a decrease in the land that is available for farming. Most of the land nowadays is used for human settlement, and building of industries as the rise in need of them has occurred. Hence, most of the food that is available is from imports from developing countries. This has led to an increase in food prices as compared to the prices in the 19th century. Environmental impact has caused a lot of changes and problems in the food industry, and it is our role to ensure that these problems and long-term solutions determined. Throughout the essay, we will focus on the solutions that different stakeholders in the food industry and then decide which among all of them the best is.
Globally, people have embarked on many activities that are aimed at ensuring food security and maximize the general output in food production in the country. This has been achieved through individuals who have taken it as their role to ensure food security, movements that address the issues of farmers and suppliers in the market as well as companies and organizations in the country. The main aim of these organizations is to ensure that the problems in the food industry are handled in the right way. These include the farmers supplying their products in different markets in the country. Further, it has also become the business of local food movements such as the non-GMO in the country (Ben and Jerry 1).