Practice Ethically and Challenge Equality

Jane Schulz (2007) argues that ethics is a set of moral principles or values. Discussions regarding the origins of ethics and values have stirred debates in more than one way. It is especially hard to conclude whether they are inherited, learned by experience or both. As a nurse who performs direct patient care in the community, I have witnessed the best and worst of ethical behaviors in both my clients and other health staffs in different settings. On more than one occasion,nbsp. I have had to acknowledge my own ethical value system, challenge it, and develop it throughout my life but never so much as I have since I began my nursing career. The reflection will highlight NMC, NOS and produce evidence within the practice evidence criteria, using Gibbs (1988) to help me present my reflection in a natural sequence of events. The framework is iterative and enables me to ask myself a series of questions at stopping points, to help me put the experience in an organized manner.
In order to respect the service user’s confidentiality in concordance with the Nursing amp. Midwifery Council (2004. 2008) code of professional conduct – point 5.1. The author shall refer to the service user as ‘Kendal’ throughout this essay.
I first met Kendal in his house in sequence to an internal reference from our team to support him with dental hygiene/health check to follow up with his anxiety medication. He is one of my direct allocated cases. he is from the Caribbean, aged 23 and nonverbal. Kendal uses limited speech and can be very challenging at times. Staffs are unsure of what to do and how to support him as he was found to be harming himself most of the time. Staff thought that he could be expressing dental pain and hence, he was referred to our team.
I responded to his needs appropriately by reading out more information to him that were uploaded from previous professionals on FRAMEWORK I.