PR campaign

The institution’s mission statement has played an important role in guiding it towards excellence performance through the fifty years that it has existed since its inception. The institution believes that it’s upon this mission statement that it will transcend greater heights into becoming one of the universities with a global influence on various issues that affect the normal lives of people.
The institution has done a lot to ensure that it lives to its vision. it has combined the efforts of all its stakeholders to ensure that staying on course on this vision remains a matter of top priority. The vision statement that the institution has found a lot of self-esteem in it reads as follows.
In order to live and achieve its vision, the institution intends to rely on the majority youthful population that characterizes the student population, the excellent and strategic location that keeps it within reach to many students. At the same time, the excellent association between the student body and the faculty proves to another vital ingredient in achieving the vision, thus establishing itself as one of the forerunner institutions in the United States of America
The university enjoys a corporate culture that is characterised by active and free interaction among students and the faculty representatives. The institution has committed to admitting different student from all walks of life in a bid to encourage cultural interaction and diversity. The university has derived a lot of strength from the fact that it is providing an environment that values different races and knowledge sharing. This is something that seems to add impetus in the efforts being done towards innovations and inventions in the different areas the university address.
The institution enjoys state of the art technology that is used in instructional