What is the Multiverse? And why do I care?

What is the Multiverse?

And why does it matter to my faith?

Individually these are interesting questions, but when you put them together, it puts a different spin on it.

Science and religion have existed for thousands of years trying to explain the same outcome from seemingly different sides of the coin. But I don’t think they have to be mutually exclusive. My journey to gain an understanding of the “Multiverse” began a few months ago. I’ve always been interested in the cosmos and what we have learned (which always leads to further questions) and what we can expect to learn in the future. The difficulty I have with all of it is that I don’t understand the math and the physics behind it all — I was a psychology major in college after all — so it will be difficult for me to grasp it truly. What I am seeking to do here is to take other’s explanations (such as Brian Greene, Neil Degrasse Tyson and others) and apply my understanding of those explanations to my faith. Marrying the two together to make, if nothing else, interesting dialogue.

So, we’ll start with the multiverse theory.

I will attempt to explain the common version of the theory, and then I’ll post a video below so that you can potentially gain a better understanding than my explanation. Here we go.

If you’ve ever read or watched science fiction of any kind, then you’ve almost certainly heard of the idea of parallel universes. In many instances, it’s used to highlight the possibility that there could be more than one of you. For example, in this universe you are just as you sit, reading this article, wondering if I’m crazy. In another, you are the writer of this article, and that’s the only difference. Everything else in that universe about you is the same, only you’re the writer. In another universe you’re not the writer, you’re not even reading this article. You’re driving down the road to visit your siblings or parents.

This example strings on and on forever, like the song from that kids show Lamb Chop. In the multiverse theory, there are an infinite number of universes where every possible outcome could happen. Every decision you’ve ever made would have a different decision played out in another universe. Now, this seems like it is easy to comprehend until you begin to think about how many universes that could be. There aren’t enough spaces on the internet for me to type out all of the possible outcomes (at least in this universe, I’d have to borrow some bandwidth from another universe’s internet).

The interesting thing is, though, if we think about it from a perspective of where the God Christians recognize, as in the God who created the universe (or multiverse), then we have to think that there’s a possibility he has created more than one of “us.” I’m not saying that he did. But I’m saying that what makes our “world,” the only world?

If you’re a “glass half-empty” type of person, then you might say, “Wow, that means I’m no longer one in 7 billion, I’m infinity of infinity”. That’s true. It does sort of make you feel a little bit more insignificant. However, if you think the multiverse theory has some merit then, while it might make you seem more insignificant, it makes our God seem even more significant. If that’s possible.

Just think how amazing the Rocky Mountains look from an airplane. Or how the Grand Canyon looks on a donkey as you gallop down a trail. If you think the satellite image of the Earth looks amazing, think about the power it must have taken to create an infinite number of Earth.

It almost makes my brain hurt. It does make my brain hurt. A lot.

The idea of the multiverse is interesting to me because it almost seems as though there is the potential that we all get the opportunity to live out the life we’re supposed to live.

Here’s the video that explains it in greater detail. Think about what it must have been like to create all of this.


Photo credit: nevermindtheend