That one time – when I thought I knew…

It was humid that night, sometime in mid July. The lights shown down on the baseball diamond like it was Busch Stadium.

I was twelve and it was one of my last games to stand on the pitcher’s mound before I’d stop progressing as a pitcher. But that night, I was on.

My arm was tingling from the shoulder all the way down through my hands. I gripped the ball and twiddled it in my hand as I stared down the tall, bulky, 13-year old whom I knew couldn’t hit a curve ball. Which was a good thing because I was out of gas.

The count was 1-1 and I had gotten him to chase a high fastball, that wasn’t supposed to be high, but he didn’t fall for it twice.

knew that night I would become a baseball star. A starting pitcher for the Cardinals. It was inevitable. I mean just look at the way I had pitched that season. I only lost one game and that was because I’d pitched two nights before and thrown a complete game.

Mowing kids down left and right with two smooth fastballs and then a nasty curve ball to make them look stupid. It was there, the writing was on the wall.

As I gripped the baseball in preparation to throw one of my slinging curveballs. Stuffed the ball in my glove and went through my wind-up. The ball started inside, almost at the kids shoulders, then about ten feet before it reached the plate, it snapped back down to the low outside corner of the strike zone.

He lunged at the ball and completed a swing that looked like something out of a girls t-ball league. I smiled.

The count was 1-2.

My catcher returned the ball to me and I circled the mound. Staring at the girl in the batters box. He knew it was coming again, but there was nothing he could do.

I stepped on the rubber and gripped the ball again. The lights seemed to focus on me now. Spotlighting the rise of greatness.

The batter kicked some dirt around and squeezed the handle of his bat tighter than he should have. That was his mistake—he should have stayed loose. You can’t hit a curve ball with tight hands.

I started my wind-up, extended my arm, felt the tingle shoot down my arm, then the snap of another curveball.

This time it started more toward the middle (I’d like to say I planned it…but I didn’t). I saw the batter load up in preparation for his attempt at taking my curveball yard. He took his step and thought he was swinging at a hanging curveball (one that doesn’t break) but he was wrong. The ball snapped down and hit the dirt right at the corner of the plate. He swung and missed, nearly falling down, I knew right then I’d be a pitcher for the Cardinals.

There was no questions that was my destiny.

But then…it wasn’t.

We all have this moment, at least 99.9% of us do. There’s a moment where you realize your dream maybe isn’t your dream…

There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you can also understand that there is a time when you have to face the reality and find what you’re meant to do. This might require you to tailor your dream.

I never thought I’d be a writer, yet here I am, writing. It’s irrelevant what you think of my writing, and whether or not you call me a writer, or I’d be considered a “professional” writer. I’m a writer.

Jeff Goins taught me that.

And there’s a moment when you realize you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. It’s glorious. Maybe you aren’t supporting your family doing that specific thing. But you are doing it. That’s when you will understand your dream has shifted. And for most of us our dream will shift. It’s just part of learning.

There’s a time when you knew…

Then there was a time when you knew you didn’t know…

Now is the time to figure out you weren’t supposed to know then, but you’re supposed to figure it out now.


7 Day “Your Turn Challenge”

I’m a subscriber to Seth Godin’s mailing list. It’s great (you can get on it here).

Seth’s newsletter is awesome because every single day (7 days a week) I get an email from him that ranges from 20 words to 400 words of really great insight. His articles are generally short, less than 100 words, but they pick at you to dig deep.

His writing makes you think through why you aren’t doing what you should be doing. It’s like he can see you through your webcam.

Seth is known as a marketing guru, but I think (and I believe he thinks so as well) that he is much much more than that. He’s a person striving to make an impact.

I just ordered his new book today, What To Do When It’s Your Turnand it’s different than most of his books. It’s self-published and you can’t order just one. If you order one copy he will send you a bonus copy so you can share it…so you will share it.

Part of the book (and the mailing list) is a new Your Turn Challenge. It’s great because it’s right in line with one of Seth’s tenants. It’s focused on shipping.

Shipping is a term used when we’re talking about some project you’re working on. Don’t hide it from the world. Share it with the world. Because the world needs you ideas.

The Challenge

When I started this blog I wrote 5 articles per week. It worked for a while. I didn’t really have a hard time putting out the material. I’d wake up early and crank it out before work. It was a good system.

But after a while I didn’t feel like I was pouring my soul into each piece. And that defeated the purpose for me.

So a few weeks back I took a step back and decided I’d back off to 2-3 articles per week and really spend some time on them.

Out of this experiment the “Psychology of” series was born and it continues to be a fun process.

But the challenge is making me think again.

The Your Turn Challenge is a commitment to write 7 blog posts in 7 days, which isn’t that big of a deal. It’s supposed to help you get unstuck. Which I think I need, but not in a writing sense.

I think I need it to get unstuck and out of this funk I’m in.

So, I’m going to do it. The challenge starts on Monday and I’ll spend January 19th through January 25th writing and posting a new article each day.

They may not be my most in depth articles, but part of the challenge is that you have to provide some perspective. Some insight.

I hope you enjoy the challenge and I’ll see you on Monday with a new article.

P.S…I interview Bruce Van Horn this week for the podcast, next week I’m interviewing Rex Hoggard. A friend and fellow Patriot who just happens to be a senior writer for  It’s going to be fun.

How to be thankful for anything with Bruce Van Horn

Podcast with Bruce Van Horn

The latest episode of The Old Soul Podcast is out today and I really hope you’ll take some time to listen to it. I had the pleasure to interview Bruce Van Horn this week and it was a blast. Just like all my conversations with him.

Bruce Van Horn is the author of You CAN Go the Distance!, a book about not only marathon training, but life training as well. His insight is remarkable but that’s just the surface of what we cover in this interview.

His story is incredible and we connected a few months back when he put out a call for people who’d been touched or inspired by his content. Being one of those people I reached out to him and it’s been really great since then. We have a few things in common, but the connection point was that we have both experienced unspeakable tragedy.

I won’t go on and on here, I just really want you to listen to the episode this week. I can promise you it will be one of the best hours you spend all week. Here are the links the show in three different forms.



The Old Soul Podcast

If you have a listen to the show I’d really appreciate a review on iTunes or Stitcher. 🙂

Thanks for all you do.


4 ways to learn from today – Infographic

Today’s post is simple. I’m going to give you 4 ways you can learn from today.

Learning is a key piece in being human. You learned to grasp objects. You learned to crawl. You learned to walk. You learned to talk. You learned what it meant to love. To have loved.

Each day presents a different challenge. A different lesson to learn.

This infographic will give you four tips to decode the lesson for today. It’s easier than you think—but it requires a little effort on your part.

4 Ways to learn from today

4 Ways to learn from today

There’s only one way to live the life you’re supposed to live.

Keep learning.

This infographic should be printed out and posted somewhere in your house. That’s the point of an infographic. it’s supposed to give you something digestable. Something to help you remember the little things in life that make all the difference.

Share it with someone you think might could use it today.

Maybe sharing it can be the third thing on this list.

The psychology of the life you’re supposed to live

One day you will wake up and reflect on your life.

You’ll think about the choices you’ve made, and the events that took place over the course of your time on Earth.

You’ll think about the mistakes you’ve made (which are inevitable) and the people you’ve influenced.

There will be a time when you’ll ask yourself, Have I lived the life I was supposed to live?

And when that day comes, will you be ready?

It’s probably impossible to answer right now. If you’re like me, you’ve hopefully only been through a third of your life. If you’re not like me, then maybe it’s time to reflect.

Because now is the time to recognize your current reality. To truly think about whether or not you’re ready to answer that question. If you’re not, well, then you’ve got some living to do.

The Bad News

If you’re not ready then this will likely take some sort of change.

People hate change.

Which is an odd thing because people rarely hate the result of the change, or the actual change itself. They generally just hate the process of change. It’s hard. It distracts you from what you are comfortable with. But change is a must. At least in some ways.

Maybe you’re happy with your life, and you’re ready to answer the question, Have I lived the life I was supposed to live? If you are, then I’m proud of you.

But if you’re not, then the time is here to start deciding what changes to make.

Start small. Change a daily habit (here’s a great resource for changing habits little by little). Change the way you approach one conversation per day. Change the way you prepare for bed at night.

Change something small that will help project you in the direction you want, rather, are supposed, to go.

The Good News

The good news is that it’s never too late.

It’s never too late to take a nice and long look in the mirror. It’s never too late to decide you’re ready to live the life you know you should be living.

If you don’t believe your life has a purpose, then you should stop reading this article and read one, or all of these articles (probably in this order):

The psychology of light

The psychology of the dance of avoidance

The psychology of doing the right thing

Life has a purpose. YOUR life, has a purpose. You don’t have to figure it out completely, because half of the fun is the journey to discovering it. But you need to start your journey. And again, it’s never too late.

The even better news

This is the fun part. Seeing your life change for the good is infinitely more fun than watching it spiral out of control.

My wife and I were watching an old episode of Intervention on MTV the other night and it’s really sad to see people continue to spiral down and down when so many people are trying to bring them up.

I’ve witnessed this first hand to a degree. It’s hard to watch someone struggle. But it’s also a learning experience. When you witness something like this you gain an understanding of the human experience that’s critical to your growth.

You learn that mistakes are what make us who we are. For better or worse.

God doesn’t love you in spite of your mistakes and your faults. He loves you BECAUSE of them.

If you can grasp that right now, in THIS very moment, then you should feel hopeful.

I just finished my latest eBook. It’s called The Psychology of Life. It includes a couple of articles I’ve posted on this site, and it also includes a couple articles that have not been posted on this site. The best part of the book is the breakdown of what I think you can gain from each piece and how it applies.

paperbackstack_550x498You won’t be able to buy this book. But the good news is it’s free. There is a link right here, and also in the sidebar for you to get it delivered right to your inbox.

The soul purpose of this website is to help you understand the meaning behind your life thus far. Ask you questions that beg you to face your reality, and what you can do to make an impact on this life.

Because one day you will ask yourself the question, Have I lived the life I was supposed to live?

Will you be ready to answer it?

 Get “The Psychology of Life” for Free

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