There is an expectation that every so often you will have a bad day.  It happens to everyone, some more often than others.  I, for instance, had a wonderful day yesterday.  But for some reason last night I was in a crummy mood.  It didn’t make any sense, I had spent the whole day enjoying the beautiful weather with my wife by a pool, and then we picked up our son from school and he was being incredibly funny.  It just didn’t add up.  There was no reason in the world for me to be in a crummy mood.

So I struggled all night to find something to put me somewhat at ease and move on and I sort of found it in the movie “JOBS”.  It by no means is an inspirational movie, but it distracted me from my own self enough to kind of get over the mood.  But one thing I took away from last night, is that we have a choice of what kind of mood we remain in.  We may not always realize it before we can totally stop it, but we have a choice of how long we remain there.

It made me think of the old say about lemons and lemonade.  I have always agreed with the validity of that saying, but I like this one better.  “When life gives you lemons aggressively throw them back and demand an orange.”  It may not work all the time, but there are also times when you just don’t have a juicer handy.