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Today’s episode is a chat with a friend whom I’m honored to have met. About seven months ago I went to an event called The Patriot Cup. It’s put on by an organization known as The Folds of Honor Foundation.

Folds of Honor provides scholarships to the children and family members of service members either fallen in combat or wounded in action. They truly do great work.

The Patriot Cup is an invitational for service members that is a Pro-Am golf tournament. I went this past year and met Rex on the range during our practice round. We hit it off pretty well and hung out quite a bit over the course of the weekend and since the event we’ve stayed in touch.

Today I have him on the show to talk about his military experience and his experience as a professional writer. He’s now a senior writer for Golfchannel.com and is featured on the Golf Channel show Morning Drive. 

This episode we will dive in and talk about the experiences in our lives that have led us to this point and we’ll throw some golf in there as well.

Thanks for listening and I hope you have a great week.

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How to be thankful for anything with Bruce Van Horn

Podcast with Bruce Van Horn

The latest episode of The Old Soul Podcast is out today and I really hope you’ll take some time to listen to it. I had the pleasure to interview Bruce Van Horn this week and it was a blast. Just like all my conversations with him.

Bruce Van Horn is the author of You CAN Go the Distance!, a book about not only marathon training, but life training as well. His insight is remarkable but that’s just the surface of what we cover in this interview.

His story is incredible and we connected a few months back when he put out a call for people who’d been touched or inspired by his content. Being one of those people I reached out to him and it’s been really great since then. We have a few things in common, but the connection point was that we have both experienced unspeakable tragedy.

I won’t go on and on here, I just really want you to listen to the episode this week. I can promise you it will be one of the best hours you spend all week. Here are the links the show in three different forms.



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