Philosophy of Death Comparing Dualism and Physicalism

Philosophy of Death and Dying Comparing Dualism and Physicalism of the turning in of the assignment (PHI 220) Dualism and Physicalism
The assessment of death and its nature leads us into two perspectives. The first approach argues that a body of human being consist of a soul and the body, which agrees with the dualist view (Barry, 2006. OConnor&nbsp.and Churchill, 2010). Therefore, dualist subscribe to the fact that the body dies and perishes while the soul survives death. The soul is believed to exist in some forms or fashions (Barry, 2006). The other approach looks at death by assuming there is nothing like the soul. The concept subscribes to the physicalism, which argues that humans are physical in entirety (Edward, 1997. Barry, 2006). Therefore, when the death of the body takes place, the process does not provide any alternative means of sustaining our consciousness.
Best arguments for dualism and physicalism
Descartes and Plato championed the concepts of dualism. The first argument, which looks at the opposites states that the dead originated from the living and therefore the living, should also arise from those who died. This argument states that the process of dead helps in liberating the soul. The second argument of dualism is based on the recollection. it states that the soul existed even before a person was born since there is power of recognising things, which are hard to learn (Barry, 2006. OConnor&nbsp.and Churchill, 2010).
The first argument on physicalism ascribes that humans are physical in entirety. Therefore, when death of the physical body takes place, the process does not provide any alternative means of sustaining our consciousness. The second perspective considers the soul as dependent on the body, meaning it cannot survive on its own. Contrary to the dualistic perspective, the soul and the body does not survive death (Barry, 2006. OConnor&nbsp.and Churchill, 2010).
The stronger view and reasons
I believe the physicalism argument holds more water because no one can provide evidence that the soul may not perish. Besides, the concept of separating the two (soul and body) raises questions and many concerns. Therefore, I think physicalism concepts raises genuine concerns on the argument by both Descartes and Plato, who generated many gaps in their argument. The counter argument holds more water.
Important of discussion on the study of death
The death of a friend is painful for the relatives and family. Therefore studying it helps a person to prepare emotionally and spiritually. It also draws interesting discussions that opens the understanding on the death.
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