For instance, Immanuel Kant is opposed and condemned on the basis of his notion that only humans serve as the object of honor. The critics argue that Kant does not present anything in favor of displaying kindness towards animals, nor does he condemns exercising butcheries on the creature that is unable to speak or deliver a single word even. Kant does not give animals the status equal to man but is of the view that since the animals are unable to describe their pains and sufferings, they should be treated with kindness in the same manner as it is displayed towards the person. Hence, if Kantian philosophy is considered in its true prospect, it becomes crystal clear that the renowned philosopher lays stress upon the same moral values adopted by an overwhelming majority of the individuals belonging to various cultures and societies of the world.
Moral values maintain the direct relationship with religious beliefs, social norms, and cultural values. All existing religions and culture preach kindness towards animals, and the same is emphasized upon by the philosophers. Neither religion, nor society allows harsh treatment of animals, but the life of the animals cannot be stated as honorable, precious and prestigious and that of the persons (i.e. humans) In his work under the title the Metaphysic of Morals, Kant declares that man is bound to pay his duties and obligations to himself and his fellow beings i.e. persons and nature of duties towards animals is surely different from those which are towards human beings.