Global financial managers discuss and evaluate the financial parameters of business planning and performance. The course of Global Financial Management provides the students with a deep in-sight into the strategies used by the financial institutions and intermediaries to operate successfully in a highly dynamic and challenging environment. Students are taught the structure of financial markets, the factors that play a role in the development and breakdown of financial markets, and the way financial markets operate. The pathway of Global Financial Management provides a clear and coherent framework and educates and trains the students so that they can fully understand the challenges and deliver in the field of accounting and finance.
The pathway of Global Financial Management enables the students to develop their employability skills by teaching them the mathematical techniques and operations involved in accounting and finance. Students are taught financial report writing which is a very important skill in the field of accounting and finance. Innovative financial management and strategic financial planning are some of the most required and relevant skills in the contemporary market driven by creativity and innovation. Students understand the financial capital markets in detail and develop the knowledge of annual company accounts. The pathway polishes the students’ ability to determine cashflows for the organization they work for and creates an understanding of latest developments in business thinking in the students. As a result of taking this course, students become deep thinkers and their ability to make informed decisions is improved. The pathway of Global Financial Management prepares the students to work in a variety of areas that include but are not limited to corporate finance, trading, banking, real estate,