Personal Abilities Skills Capability and Experience to Set Up a Business

In the past, I have had entrepreneurial thoughts. I have thought of innovations that would make changes to the world. I thought of innovations that would make life easier for people while adding opportunities for jobs and livelihood of people.&nbsp.There are various reasons that make me consider myself as an entrepreneur. The best indicator is that most of my role models are entrepreneurs. On top of the role model is Bill Gates. I consider him as a role model for his innovativeness and courage. Although a student, Bill Gates was innovative enough to see how software development could solve people problems (Bridge S, O’Neill K, Martin F, 2009). He did not stop at the academic level but pursued his discovery and implemented the knowledge. Bill Gate’s courage is manifested by how he is able to pursue the discovery even though they are limited by resources and skills. Richard Branson of the Virgin Empire is another role model. Richardson’s self-beliefs inspire me. He is able to see problems and does not run away from the problem but bravely confronts the problem and comes up with solutions.&nbsp.As an entrepreneur, I am innovative. I am able to come up with solutions using innovative ways. From my lower grades in school, other students relied on me to give solutions when they were met with challenges. I have been able to use my innovativeness and interest in information technology in various ways. I have prepared and implemented software applications that can solve various problems. At my home, I prepared a software application that helps me to remember to prepare for every day. Together with my colleagues, we were able to present software applications that help manages students’ welfare at our former High school.
My self believe adds to my qualities of entrepreneurship. I believed in my capacity to bring changes to the society and take it as a duty to bring positive changes. Although some other people are not comfortable with my assertiveness, I take it as a gift that should be exploited for the good of the people. My inner drive helps me to overcome negative reactions and pessimistic opinions of other people. The business idea that I have in mind is online marketing and sales. This idea came in my mind as a result of development in information technology that has changed the culture and ways of life of people (Burns P, 2008). The conventional ways of doing business would not be successful in this information era. The information era calls for a restructuring of the business to conform to new technologies. The other motivation for online marketing and sales is the philosophy of lean (Entrepreneur, 2009). Most of the products that are sold to the end are sold at a very high price as compared to the production cost of the product. The additional costs to the products resulting from the many middlemen. Online sales and marketing enable the products to be sold directly to the end ensuring that the end-user gets the value of the money used.&nbsp.Online sales and marketing requirements and entails the use of information technology in sales and marketing. As an entrepreneur, I wish to apply the skills to assist business and corporate market their products through the internet. In addition to the market, I wish to assist businesses to implement direct online sales to their customers.