PERFORMANCE 3: ARCADIA Article To me, Rapture, Blister, a very informative piece of art that cuts deep into the controversial issue of female role in the society. Critically dissecting the story, I must confess that it is a perfect presentation of feminine movement, which remains crucial for understanding feminism and the society. I have been an ardent supporter of tough and autonomous women who defy traditional roles assigned by the society to succeed in male dominated fields. despite the idea that women can stand a chance of excelling professionally, this play scratches beneath the surface to reveal a major challenge for women aspiring to meet their professional goals and succeed in other areas other than family roles. The author adroitly presents balance as a major challenge for independent women for it is the only way through which professional objectives and family interests can be mutually achieved. The stage setting for the play was awesome, with perfect mood for the introduction of contentious opinions. What a classic display of a play that presents a touchy issue that has rocked modern society. My commendation goes to the couch for playing a significant role in establishing the family vibe, which further portrayed the likelihood of open conversations.
It would be worth noting that every character in the play lived up to their expectation by playing their parts precisely as expected of them. The variations in opinions emanating from different interpretations were a classic display of viewpoints. The audience could possibly miss a chance to figure out that every character on stage had a pre-determined role, which linked back to balance as the main tent of the story.
Article 2
The play Rapture, Blister, Burn depicts feminist ideas and exposes various women viewpoints on feminine role in the society today. While the traditional woman is understood to be one who is dependent and absolutely focused on the family, the modern woman is portrayed in the play as independent and determined individuals who chase both family and profession. Traditional women often accuse their independent counterparts as leading unfulfilling lives with no children. The play is an epitome of how the stay-at-home and independent women have contrasting and competing viewpoints of the roles of a woman in the society. In the play, Gwen and Catherine are questioned about their life decisions in the past, where they trade lives to experience how it feels.
The simplicity of the stage set up with constant projection of home drives home the main point of the story. This constant presentation of home gave me a deeper insight of the world and made me understand that different people have different understanding of home. The play displays flawless shift between scenes, for instance where Catherine and Don set up a couch in before the audience. In the play, it becomes clear to me that weakness is undesired quality for when a crew member is knocked down during a birthday party. The action remains cool and clear to the point.
My feeling about the action was ecstatic with especially reference to Avery and Alice, who had a great show and perfectly displayed their opinions about feminism. The play has a great and strong ending, which evoked my thoughts over various social issues.