Outline the main approaches taken to tackle child poverty over the past decade What lessons can we learn from these for the current government’s approach to tackling child poverty

It is indispensable to note that the strategies employed by the central government including enactment of Child government Act 2010 have remained essential in significant reduction of child poverty in United Kingdom. The paper explores the main methods used by the government in tackling child poverty and discusses some of the lessons learnt from the approaches.
The central government of United Kingdom initiated several taxation policies that ensured tax relief for working parents with the main aim of improving their income. The tax reliefs include several programs including Child tax credit, working tax credit, and other Child benefits. The tax benefits aims at providing extra income for the poor families who cannot independently support their children.
In ensuring taxation reliefs for families, the government has used the income tax system in such a way that it enables families to retain more of their earnings. The government ensures tax reliefs through income tax personal allowances with the aim of improving family earnings. The plans have been essential in improving income earnings in amongst families and consequently raising their standards of living and independence.
The working tax credit relates to benefits from the state within United Kingdom that government advances to citizens who work but have low income. The taxation scheme that the government introduced in April 2003 exists as the contemporary system of refundable tax credit that aims at providing relief for poverty stricken families. The program also remains available to childless parents with adopted dependent children besides working families who need external support to manage their families. In addition, citizens may claim working tax credit mainly if they remain responsible for any child within United Kingdom. The central government of United Kingdom introduced the working tax credit with the main aim of