Organizational Philosophies and Technology paper

But with the more recent technological developments as well as reduced trade blockades, growth in trade is definitely on the rise. Developing counties have also stepped on this bandwagon, extracting the best out of their own respective economies through trade internationally as well as locally – within the country. The integration of trade into the world economy has really proved helpful for the developing countries as they can promote economic growth, development as well as poverty reduction within themselves. Companies which are ready to use technology are thus the ones who have found success in all relevant quarters of their business. With this technological incorporation, they have been able to look at the ethical side of things as well since the moral grounds have been set in a proper manner and there are as such no apprehensions to state the least in the present times. A business can move from a position of stability to one of a complete unstable stance as it acquires different means of gathering the market and its driving factors that come along with it. The firm has to change its position with the changing times otherwise it will literally vanish away from its competitors and more so the customers, for which it actually exists. It must bring about technological innovations so as to meet the ethical guidelines and best practices which are geared up to make it sound, look and eventually feel different from the rest of the lot and in the long run, have a selling proposition in it and in its products that help it in winning the customers time and time again.
The work culture can be developed in a manner which suits the interests of the organization in the best form possible. For this to happen, it is necessary to understand that technology has got an immense role to play in the related equation. We must understand that we live in a global world where technology has of late been instrumental at dramatically changing the way we perceive the events