Observing these factors during my obesity study, I observed that even the eating habits, food choices, dressing and physical wellbeing is important nowadays when choosing friends. I have observed that obese people generally have obese friends and feel more comfortable with them. It was also observed that their sitting, eating and body movements are also similar. For the matter of fact, I bind obese people as a distinct group having similar habits, behaviors and characteristics.
To understand the behavioral characteristics and needs of this group, I decided to conduct an observational study which was not longer but interesting and informative. In order to understand the factors for the observation purpose, I visited KFC being one of the largest fast food chains. During my 6 hours stay at KFC, I observed that around 65% of people (including males and females both) visiting KFC were either obese or overweight. Obese people with children were more likely to carry obese children. This may be due to genetically transferred obesity or due to the transference of the same eating habits from parents to the children. Obese children, during the study, were observed to opt for cold drinks and French fries usually. They were found to have candies, chocolates or some sort of dessert when they entered. This showed their inclination towards sugary food which may be linked to heir obesity.
It was also observed that obese people mostly checked in with people of similar body structure. They felt more comfortable with their company and showed greater satisfaction during their stay as compared to those with slimmer companions. The observable difference between them lied in the meal they ordered, the way they ate and the pace of their eating. Obese people with similar companions showed more informal manner of sitting and eating. They took lesser time on ordering meals and chose different drinks and meals as per