Nursing Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Advanced Practice

The move by Kevin to uphold his ethical standards by unveiling medicine theft was a good decision despite the ringleader of the theft being his immediate superior. Despite the repercussions of the decision made by Kevin, it was an honorable ethical step to take. On a legal front, the nursing home can be sued for the theft of patients’ medicine and nurse R together will all others involved will be charged since there is evidence of the video recording.
If Kevin had ignored the ethics of psychology and nursing that were required of him, then he would have been part of the legal lawsuit when the incident is discovered later. Nurse R whose theft was caught on the recording may lose her license to practice nursing due to ignoring her oath of ethics on non-maleficence thereby exposing the patients to harm (Grace, 2009).
Other than the patients and the nursing home employees for example doctors, nurses, psychologists, volunteers among others being directly affected by the drug theft scam, the others affected indirectly include the family members of the patients and employees, shareholders of the nursing home, administrators (board of members), and policymakers among others. CCTV cameras should be installed in the nursing home and all employees subjected to training emphasizing ethical conduct.