Non Profit Reflection

The larger organizations are required to present published financial reports showing their income and expenditure in details for the public. Bearing in mind that the non profit organization have workers like board members, committee members and others who ensure there operations, it raises eyebrows on their pay. Some may be volunteers but it has been noted that non profit organization are among well paying jobs. These organizations are funded by donations, grants, from public and other organizations hence drawing down a suitable financial plan is very important. Otherwise the non profit organization could free their activities in jeopardy.
The non profit organizations have played a great role in the society in offering very important services. Some of the notable are the Mozilla firefox and American Heart Association among others. Mozilla firefox provides free internet services with close to 20% of internet users who access their services absolutely free, surfing and downloading information. The mozilla firefox management relies on donations to get money for maintaining their systems and protecting users from computer crimes that include harking. Firewall has established security features that help protect user as they are browsing. Another means of assisting the management of Mozilla firefox is that, users (meaning us) distribute the browser, update it and maintain it free of charge, having no experience in this field, is give my full support through donations. Being a frequent user of the internet, I find it necessary to fund the program that help me find important information about dignitaries and other issues I may be looking up. Another group of donors who made an impact on the American heart association are. Lockhead Martin Range Rover, and Northrup Grumman.
Another style that has been used to help fund non profit organization is through some food retailers who place a certain fraction on the price that goes to organizations like American heart Association. These food retailers have a direct influence on our lives and the mange to obtain our money to assist others who are in need. The American heart Association offers free medical services to people with cardio vascular problems to reduce chances of death and possible disabilities like stroke. Alternatively we may offer support by doing some of the things that have been almost forgotten for example participating in marathon run to raise money for heart foundation or jumping a rope. Such activities usually turn out to be very useful for example the Multiple sclerosis bike ride I did some times back. Many family members, friends, and colleagues were very much corporative and raised a lot of funds.
Why Fund Non Profit Organizations
I have always wondered why it was expensive to visit a game park or National forest for instance. Giving it a second thought, one realizes that there is a lot of manpower involved in maintaining and landscaping the area, these services need to be paid for. I have leant a lot of things and feel that it’s sensible to finance. This also applies to other areas like the zoo as the animals need medical attention, food and housing.
Some of the non profit