New Americans The Immigrants

Moreover, a comparison amid Jacob Riis’s discussion of Chinese immigrants with that of Lee Chew’s account on the same would also be discussed in the essay.
Who Was the Intended Audience for Jacob Riis’s Book, How the Other Half Lives (From Which This Account Is Taken)? Who Might Have Read Lee Chew’s Account? Are There Any Other Issues (Besides Audience) That We Should Consider When Evaluating These Documents As Sources?
The book of Jacob Riis ‘How the Other Half Lives’ mainly demonstrates a vivid picture about the living conditions of the United States of America including the slums of the New York City during the period of 1880’s. The intended audience of the book was the middle and the upper classes group of people of the United States who were mostly unaware of the living conditions of the slums and other dirty places persisting in the nation. On the other hand, the study of Lee was mainly focused on depicting a clear picture of the Chinese culture and their lifestyle about which the middle class and the wealthy Americans hold a wrong and irrelevant view. Hence, the target of his work was the Chinese immigrants who want to make a mark for themselves in the US.
While evaluating the documents, apart from the aspect of audience, several other aspects including lifestyle, habits and the struggle of the immigrants are needed to be considered. It can be viewed in this context that all the documents penned by Jacob Riis and Lee Chew mainly discussed the immigrants of the United States. The documents mainly depict about how immigrants from China, Ireland and Italy lived in this part of the world. Moreover, the document provided a close look on the tough existence of these immigrants in the United States. For instance, relating to the factor of lifestyle, the same of the Americans was viewed to be isolated from standard lifestyle and struggled to attain a better life for