Nevada week in Review

Contribution Caps, Race and Politics There are various key factors that affect the politics of the United s of America that tend to determine which candidates are suitable for various seats and which are worth choosing. A panel of media experts previews the influence and impact of money on politics and the representations of races in parliament. It analyzed the impact that special groups had on politics with special reference to race. However, there are various activities that are being propagated an encouraged by various special interest groups (VegasPBS). These special interest groups tend to make monetary contributions to the politicians to aid them in their campaigns. There has been a rising concern on the amount of money and contributions that these particular groups are raising towards campaigns. The contribution caps may have to be limited to enable greater influence of various groups in the political arena. The current period is important since majority of the politicians are going to their grass roots to seek for voter support and confidence.
The existing campaign finance reforms stipulate that the government provide a specified amount of money to aid in the campaign process. It is always important for the special interest groups to contribute to a certain specified limit to give the relevant reform various grounds for debate (VegasPBS). When the special interest groups through their contributions are able to compensate the money channeled towards campaigns, the topic will always remain pending. It is because the money will be though t to be enough. The United States of America is a country that is marked with diverse races. Majority of the people belonging to a different race are in the United States for various reasons. Some are there because they are seeking permanent citizenship while others are there because of work related activities. It is always a basic fact that the voice of such individuals heard since it creates a diversity and opinion about what the diaspora things about the political leaders in the United States.
Politics in the United States is governed by various acts and clauses found in the constitution of the United States. The existence of peace in the region promotes the development of a good political environment where performance charts and indexes accessibility and previews are available. These presentations are useful components that the citizens adopt to give them the freedom to choose whom they prefer their leaders should be. In my opinion, the voting and election process should be a free and fair exercise. It should focus on and follow the various existing judicial structures in place. It is a means through which the United States citizens use to select people they entrust. These people will be able to push for the implementation of different agendas. They would want leaders who value humanity and are sensitive to the people they represent. The issue of race has been in the history of the United States of America for decades. The leaders should focus on equal justice and treatment of every race represented in the House of Commons.
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