Native son

In a time where racial discrimination was rampant, and the whites were the rich and the blacks poor in the social classification, a time where interracial dating was looked upon as impossible, a time when violence was rampant, a time when there were many uneducated black people, the story hence narrates the story of Bigger, a boy who grew up in this situation and shaped to become whom he turned to later (Sharma 89). The American culture shapes Bigger to become a vicious thief and murderer, fighting the authority, opposing white rule, and hating the whites for whom he becomes. In this essay, we shall be analyzing the theme of racial discrimination, social stratification and violence in relation to the character of Bigger and how they influenced his life events.
Bigger’ character is as a result of racial discrimination that has been in existent in the American culture. Bigger believes that he is where he is because of the oppressive force placed on his by the white people. He fears and yet hates the white people as they control, how blacks move, live, interact and work in the society. Full of hatred, Bigger does not want in the first place to work for Mr. Dalton because he is white. He prefers to work with his fellow black people to steal from other black citizens. Bigger is intimidated by seeing white people, though he had never stolen from them because of the fear he had. According to Bloom (23) he describes Richard to have used Bigger to bring out the issue of racism just like it exists in American culture. Racism is rampant to a point where the children born from the white and black race, know it exists, and do everything possible to avoid being caught in between. Bigger has never had a white girlfriend all his life, and is shocked when he sees other black activists, Jan, dating Mary, Mr. Dalton’s daughter. Racial relationship is something which is not accepted by the society in America based on the hatred between