National Security Strategy

All this aims at protecting the United States of America to facilitate the continued growth of its economy among many more aspects. The necessary procedures were inclined towards developing their foundation. supporting a fair and sustainable global order, and pursuing comprehensive actions (National Security Strategy ).

There is a need for America to renew leadership globally, through building and refining sources of influence and power. This aims at protecting the interest of the United States (Security and economy). Some of the important strategies include (National Security Strategy ):

Building the foundation of the United States starting from home.
Pursuing comprehensive engagement. Through the foundation which should support engagement with the aim of mutual benefit and respect.
Supporting a fair and sustainable global order, through engagements that are meant to uphold rights and punish violators. And sustainability because it is based on shared roles in addressing similar challenges.
Enhancing the interest of the United States which includes security, prosperity, values and international order.