Naming rights

Different Business enterprises like those concerned with the manufacturing of sports goods, sports wear, watches and soft drinks might be potential sponsors. Sports brands offer a lucrative market as according to sources: ‘Marketing professionals around the world recognize the power of sports brands and content as a consumer draw. As Associate General Manager I would select companies like Nike, Reebok and a firm like Uni Lever as sponsors. These are firms which are promoting products that are environmental friendly and promote health.I would then explain the respective co operates firm the advantages of investing in our project-To build a new stadium. In addition to the core benefits, media exposure, signage, and customer respect there are other benefits as well. In Greene’s opinion naming rights play two important roles: ’First, in supporting larger finance packages with other revenue streams and second, as a single source of finance’. Our Mission statement is to boost sport oriented activities. Sports not only encourage healthy bodies but healthy minds as well. The creation of sports man spirit encourages healthy competition. Negative feelings like jealousy and sorrow would be eliminated from society.In order to ensure that the stakeholder brand maintains our image, we shall audit the brand owner’s strategies