Name three industries that are currently red oceans Where do blue ocean opportunities exist

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet Red Ocean And Blue Ocean Industries Industries that fall in the category of red oceans are those that compete in the same industry and market and compete for existing customers instead of creating new customers (Koontz, 2010). These firms mostly compete with the assistance of strategic advantage that they gain over their competitors. There are several companies in different industries that are following this strategy including companies that are operating in cellular technology industry such as companies that are developing android phones (, 2015). These companies are mostly competing against other companies while trying to cater to the same market. Some of them have gained competitive advantage through cutting production costs, while others gain competitive advantage through offering better features. Companies operating in textile industry as well as sports good manufacturing industry are competing while following the red ocean strategy.
Blue ocean opportunities exist in tourism industry. In tourism industry there is an opportunity of travelling to the moon and exploring the world over there. A successful even of a tour to the moon can help in creating demand amongst people who want to travel to the moon (Wadhwa, 2015). Furthermore, blue ocean opportunities even exist in automobile manufacturing industry. Companies in this industry can develop a car that can fly from one end to another end. Right now, no company has been able to develop such a car. Developing such a car can helping creating new demand for a car that can fly and help people move between geographical locations in a speedy fashion.
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