My role in this project

MY ROLE IN THE PROJECT The individual differences has been always a rich area for researchers’ investigations. The of “Individual Differences” has been one of the most preferred topics of researchers in the field of educational psychology. The concept of Individual difference psychology deals with the study of ascertaining and analyzing the similarities and differences among human beings in terms of thoughts, beliefs and actions. studies how human beings are similar and how they vary in their thinking, believe and action. In the field of second language acquisition filed, the individual differences are meant be the study are studied in terms of how learners acquire the language the language acquisition skills of the learners and how they the manner and ways in which they differ in terms of their optimisty optimism and attitudes towards learning a particular language.
Teachers in different various fields, therefore, are required to possess a high degree of should awareness regarding such widespread individual differences which exists among the learners of learners’ individual differences in order to have a clear understanding of how to deal with different students with variable age and abilities in monolingual and multilingual classrooms.
Learning style theme has been always an issue of second language acquisition. In our second project s, we dealt with learning style among of some a group of Arabic students. 20 of our participants were Saudi males and 6 Saudi females. My role in this project was divided into three parts. First, I was assigned to summarize an article by Angus Duff The titled of this article is (The Revised Approaches to Studying Inventory (RASI) and its Use in Management Education, 2004).
As for the second part, Rasha and I were assigned to find participants and gather information from them. Since we did the survey online on (SurveyMonkey) Website, I sent the link of the survey to 20 of our participants. I know those participants and their educational background as well as to their current educational positions. The third part was analyzing the data. I tried my best to understand how the SPSS work. Adel and I persistently strived tried many time to analyze the data using the SPSS. Although, I encountered several obstacles during the process in achieving a perfect understanding of the mode of operation of the program, I At some point I stuck and could not perfectly understand how the program works but I got managed to get a general idea about it.
This project helped me to get acquire some valuable knowledge regarding understanding of how the manner in which data are analyzed by either using the Excel program or the SPSS. While analyzing the data, I understood that the computer does not read words but numbers only. Therefore, we had to redo the analysis using numbers only, since we used words at first.
After we finished this project, I went over the survey and the gathered date as well as the collected data and found identified some certain limitations elements critical to the success of the project, which hindered the project aims that we and could have been avoided prevented if you spent much time on by allocating adequate time to the project. One of the such limitations observed during the study is was that we did not include some certain questions about the participant’s educational background of the participants were missing. Another limitation is was the structure of the questions. Some of the participants found it a little bit difficult to understand the questions since they included involved use of some phrases and other complex clauses. Solving such problem, we could have written these questions in a simple structure to make it easier for the participants to understand. This problem could have been solved, if the questions were structured in a lucid manner which is easy to comprehend and respond.
Finally, In conclusion, conducting such project about the learning style of students helped me to learn acquiring efficient knowledge about various issues encountered by learners of English as a second language many things about learning style. Apart from gaining crucial information about the learning styles of students, this project also helped me in understanding the individual differences that exist among students, as well as the disparities in learning abilities with respect to different classroom situations. Not only I got a clear view of learning styles but also I have understood some individual differences which will enable me to deal with different students with different learning abilities in different classroom situations.