Muslims in the US

Following the route of Muslim advances in the year 711, itis probable that they have indeed touched the lands of America long before Christopher Columbus in 1492. Most people, however, do not solely believe in the sequence of events told like a tale. They are used to believing only that which has been professionally validated. The chances are high, that men and women of the 21st century would be appalled after noting that accounts abound in literary works of the past pointing to the validity of claims that Muslims in America came before 1492 and could have helped shape the society.
Genoa is the neighboring town of Sicily in Italy where Christopher Columbus was born and raised and was known to have discovered America in 1492 (De Madariaga 59).nbsp. Bourne should have meant the Muslims from Spain who at these years ruled Iberia (Crow 48), Portugal, Southern France, the Balearic Islands, and Sicily (Hispanic Muslims).
Conclusion: Given Bourne’s accounts on the preliminaries of discoveries from 867-1487, Muslims were in America in the 10th century and could have helped shape the society.