Muslims are Bearing Most of the Historic Burden of European Racism

Being the continent that experiences the highest inward migration, Europe should be least concerned by prejudicial perspectives towards immigrants. For example, in the case of Britain, many of the immigrant groups come from their former colonies, including the Caribbean, India, and Pakistan. lately, there are labor migrants coming in from Poland. In the case of Germany, many foreigners are those from Turkey, after they went there as temporary labor migrants. These examples demonstrate that the perception of foreigners as outsiders do not ordinarily depend on their origin, country of birth or citizenship. Additionally, foreigners belonging to non-Christian backgrounds are quickly considered outsiders, due to the overwhelmingly Christian orientation of Europe. For example, France has the highest ratios of Muslims, making about 10 percent. In the Netherlands and Germany, Muslims comprise about 7 and 6 percent of the general population.nbsp.
In 2008, the European Commission created a special account of the discrimination experienced in Europe, using the measured survey branded, Eurobarometer’. It was meant to establish the number of people that view themselves as members of minority groups. The report, also, explored the prevalence of the experiences of discrimination among the groups considered foreign or outsiders. The figures reporting the contact of individuals with outside groups, from the Eurobarometer show that 61 percent of Europeans reported having acquaintances from other religious groups or the people from other ethnic origins.