Motivation and Second Language Learning

The experience of learning a second language can very different for different people. There are a number of issues that people tend to face while learning a second language. Most students face a number of issues that pertain to learning a second language. These include a lack of interest and dedication to the language. Also, other factors like the need for an external push and priorities also play a major role in the learning of the second language. Although these form a major part of the learning process, one of the major elements that allow the individuals to study a second language more effectively is the ‘motivation’. It has been argued over the years. however, it seems to be one of the most effective manners of imparting a strong base for a second language among the students. The next section provides a clear discussion for the view and the various concepts about motivation and the impact it has on second language learning. &nbsp.Motivation and Second Language Learning:
Motivation plays a very important role in the learning of a second language. As explained by Oxford, “If teachers don’t know clearly where is students’ original source of motivation, how can they feed them?” (Docstoc, 2010). Over the years there have been a number of researches that have been conducted and there have been a number of different opinions over time. With the latest researches, the focus has been placed on the personality of people, and the motivation that draws them towards academic institutions. It has been clearly classified that the relationship between motivation and learning a second language is a part of Psychological linguistics. This is an inter-subject of psychology and foreign language teaching.Authors like Crookes and Schmidt (1991), and Gardner and Tremblay (1994), have set down four main motivational orientations which include, a) the main reason for learning, b) the desire and aim to achieve and attain the goal, c) the attitude towards the learning situation and the attitude of the person learning the language, etc.