Mexican Immigrants Stressors and Problems Faced

One of the largest problems facing Mexican immigrants upon arrival to America is the language barrier.nbsp. It is never easy to find one’s self in a completely new setting, but when there is an inability to communicate added to the situation, the relocation becomes that much more difficult. This aspect of adaptation is so important as the depression rate of Mexican immigrants is only increasing.
Essentially, the importance of defining social stressors will enhance the ability to be able to identify helpful ways in which to integrate individuals into new societies. Additionally, different theories which specifically enable individuals to cope as foreigners. One theory in specific is called the face to face theory and allows individuals to identify an individual as a native or a foreigner to their land.
One of the main results of Mexican immigration is a feeling of insecurity. Migrants are often overwhelmed by the shock of being submerged into a new culture and therefore experience a sense of culture shock mixed with intense insecurity. This is the leading issue causing so many immigrants to become depressed. This is incredibly relevant to many sociological aspects as it interferes not only with an individual’s ability to communicate effectively with those around he or she but it affects that individual’s relationships and both professionally and personally. This can branch out into society, the economy and multiple other factions.
Mechanisms of coping for those coming into a specific area as foreigners is a very specific focus on the research of this project. The ability to manage conflict within a society and a system are crucial to social integration and success as well as to the are of communication. Therefore, this topic will be discussed in detail.
Most certainly, the issue of language barriers relates heab=vily to the field of communications. Part of the problem experienced by Mexican immigrants is the inability to communicate as strangers to America.nbsp.