Task: Metaphysic Movement Why do you think the d this chapter on Metaphysics as Homestead of the mind? This chapter was titled as the homestead of the mind because metaphysics is a religion that focuses on the mind as a saving force. Metaphysics is founded on the working of the mind as a saving force. For example, according to Albanese (183) when the mind works by conceiving thoughts and language, then a new form of religion called New thought is formed. On the other hand, when the mind imagines the material world with symbolic gestures, ceremonies and objects, then spiritualism is formed. Under this religion, sickness originates from the mind hence right thinking brings healing effects. To them, everything that exists in the universe is religious, and every place is home. With the power of positive thinking, Metaphysicians believers floated in the universal space (Albanese, 185). They live in a mental world with fluid boundaries hence can float from place to place with no hindrance whatsoever.
Metaphysicians are also referred to homestead of the mind by the author because one of its philosophies is creating a community amidst strangers (Albanese,203). They believe in religious combination. For example, in the 20th century when the children of the highway divorce court were looking for refuge, most found refuge in the communion experience provided by the divine mind through a divine spark. This mindset of peoplehood, metaphysical believes in seeking union with the universal being. According to their teachings, universalism has been a condition of living as well as a condition of mind. At some point, these believers formulated mental homestead to replace the physical community that they cannot find (Albanese 98). They have created a Metaphysical belief in a mental landscape, because, according to their doctrine, the real world exists in the mind or in the world. Metaphysician’s world was made concrete by ritual based on religion and magic.
In conclusion, the author titled on Metaphysics as Homestead of the mind because, the region mainly focus on the functioning of the mind as a saving force. The mind to them comprise of everything. Both spiritualism (thoughts) and material (occult) powers are found in the mind. Thus, the mind has powers to do virtually everything.
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