Medical Care in the United States

Discussion Board Post All Americans should have access to needed medical care, even when their financial situations make it difficult for them to finance an expensive insurance policy. That said, the cost of providing that care that falls upon the government will always be a consideration and cannot be disregarded. Finding a balance that is pleasing both to the healthcare need and to the country’s costs will be extremely difficult to achieve. A solution that will be successfully pleasing to all parties involved will be even harder. There will always be a level of imbalance present given the numbers of Americans who are financially unable, especially in these troubled financial times, to provide their own healthcare costs. This will leave a perpetual area of imbalance in the need for and the economics of healthcare. The healthcare system that currently exists is definitely flawed and positive change can only benefit the country. However, unless the replacement is more functional and provide better outcomes for both the application of the healthcare system and economic cost to the country then the changing would be expensive to implement to have little change, and therefore pointless results. “Obamacare” is hugely different from what Americans are currently accustomed to in that it will require individuals to obtain health insurance or be fined for not doing so at tax time.("") Americans will find that insurance costs will rise. The cost will be even higher for Americans with preexisting conditions previously denied by insurance companies. Again, I am not saying the reforms are not in order or that Americans do need to take a more responsible role in their own healthy living and healthcare, but “Obamacare” is simply not the reform that will succeed in the United States.
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Discussion Board Response
I respect your opinion and I think that we agree on some points of this topic, but we, also, strongly disagree on others. We are in agreement that “Obamacare” will be a very expensive and disappointing policy to implement. We agree that forcing Americans to participate in obtaining health insurance is a complete deviation from the freedom this country was founded upon. Lastly, we agree that there is a need for reform, both in the healthcare system and in the necessities for Americans to participate in those needs. However, I have to comment how strongly I disagree with your statement that you made in your posting where you said that,”…health insurance should be a privilege and not a right.” That statement insinuates that quality healthcare should be an entitlement of the wealthy. Quality of healthcare and the value of one’s life should not be dependent on one’s income, especially in these difficult economic times. Perhaps more time should be spent on healing the unemployment issues so that Americans can afford to participate in healthcare before they are asked to pay for healthcare that not everyone may use. Every American should have the opportunity to obtain affordable healthcare, but they should, also, have the option not to. Those are the ideals of freedom and equality that this country was founded upon.