Mango Medley

The secret to keeping your customers satisfied is through quality service and product delivery. David. H. Maister, in his book “The psychology of waiting lines”, argues that satisfaction can assessed through a simple equation (S=P-E, where S-satisfaction, P-perception, and E-expectation). It can, therefore, be that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. When customers enter a restaurant expecting a certain level of service and perceives the service reviewed to be higher, then they are satisfied customers. The management of any restaurant should, therefore, aim at improving the perceived quality of service as it would have the largest payback (Maister, 1984).
Unexplained waits always tend to seem long and boring than explained ones. A reason should, therefore, be given to explain why a given service has been delayed. Customers are also concerned about the environment in which they are seated while waiting. Some customers may not like to wait in very crowded places as it may interfere with their personal conversations. It is important to keep the customers comfortable during their wait.
Customer equity is also something that the management should put into consideration. It involves valuing the customer not only in terms of current profitability, but also with respect to the net discounted contribution stream the firm will realize from the customer over time. More emphasis should be put on not only on getting customers to buy their products but maintaining them for long (Zeithaml, Lemon, &amp. Rust, 2001).
Mango Medley restaurant has got only two workers. One is in charge of the kitchen and the other taking of orders, serving the customers and clearing of the bills. This divided attention makes service delivery slow especially during weekends and holidays when the restaurant is open for longer and receives more customers.