Managing Diversity in Wells Fargo Bank

The impact of diversity on the company’s productivity and performance would be a key area of discussion which would enable to ascertain the significance of diversity for Well Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo has adopted the principle of diversity as well as inclusion so that employees are facilitated with the opportunity of fair treatment and equal employment opportunity. The bank with the assistance of diversity as well as inclusion has been able to enhance business performances. Additionally, diversity and inclusion have assisted the bank in performing business operations with better competitiveness and competencies. Diversity practices have also aided the bank in building a better competitive position domestically and internationally. It can be understood why diversity and inclusion are directly associated with organizational performances.
Wells Fargo is a United States-based bank that also provides financial services and operates on a global context. The bank is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The bank is identified as one of the largest banks in the US with regard to market capitalization as well as assets. The bank operates in 36 countries with over 265,000 employees. The main objective of the bank is to meet the financial requirements of customers so that they are able to succeed financially. The bank provides various services which include insurance, mortgage, commercial finance, banking, consumer finance, and investments. The customers are offered with different services that include online banking, ATMs and mobile banking. The bank is renowned for its outstanding customer service, innovation, as well as quality and diversity. The bank supports homeowners, small businesses and real estate industry among others (1Wells Fargo, 2014).
Wells Fargo performs operations with the intention of accomplishing its vision of meeting the financial needs of customers in an effective manner. The bank has developed an efficient organizational culture with the aim of ensuring that business objectives are met successfully.