Managing Diversity at Workplace

1250 The problems are however that enough of company’s resources are wasted in getting to know one another and the dictum which is spoken as a commonality amongst the people who are from diverse backgrounds. I have been a witness of one such diverse basis within an organization where an Arab had a problem in understanding the English language and this we had to make him get acquainted with our language through hand signs and gestures (Cross 2000). However what we gained, in essence, was the nonverbal form of interaction and communication through this practice. It is a fact that diversity brought the best out of all of us and gave us an opportunity to explore our own selves in entirety. Since this person was a genius when it came to handling computers, without encouragement and support he picked up the English language quickly and thus became a good speaker. His learning prowess was helped by the persistence that we showed in his abilities and diverse basis overall. Hence the strengths and weaknesses work alongside each other in order to achieve a wholesome basis in the end.