Long Term Care And Technology In Japan And Korea

This essay stresses that Health Care amp. Welfare Complex is established by medical facilities in order to singularly provide health care, medical and social services by opening related corporations and accompanying health and welfare facilities. Medical complexes establish a medical service network which integrates rehabilitation. acute, mental, chronic diseases center. elderly welfare center. and a home nursing and home rehabilitation center for the local community. These centers also help maintain the quality of medical services through education courses offered to the members of the community.

This report makes a concluison that because of advances in medical technology, the ageing population of Japan and Korea increased at unprecedented and unmanageable rates. As a result, health care costs also increased. The existing health care systems in both countries were overwhelmed by the number of ageing individuals expecting provisions in health care. Models and solutions to health care delivery like the health care complex and technology are just some of the solutions being employed by both countries to address their health care problems. Recently in Japan, LOC insurance support was gained, not only for social goods, but also for goods and equipment for the elderly including wheelchairs. walkers. goods to protect against bedsores. technology to assist in changes in position, and such other similar technology. Such changes and new technology have now made possible better support, coverage and health care for the elderly.