Literacy Programs for all Grade Levels

each individual learning has his or her own learning curve that is followed by the mind of each person. In this case, it should be recognized that each individual has his or her own pace of learning that must be carefully carried through in considering the different procedures that would help one get the grip of the most important lessons he need to know as he tries to be literate with his own language. 3
This is the reason why there is a continuous search for the best kind of literacy program that is general enough to serve all the needs of students from all grade levels. The generality of this program makes it much applicable both on the part of the teachers or the educators handling the students at school and also that of the parents handling the learning needs of their children at home.
As noted earlier, children of different a…
It could be noted how the mind of each child responds differently to the learning presentations provided by their instructors. For this reason, each child needs to reserve personal attention so as to assure that the subjects ought to be understood are to be given the right attention that they deserve. How could this be practically done
The cooperation of the parents with regards the learning program set for their children is a very important factor to consider. This is perhaps the reason why many governments around the world settle for programs that directly involve the parents’ participation that would likely increase the level of learning expertise of their children towards the understanding they need to have in connection with literacy and knowledgeable use of language.4 Presented below is a likely general program that could be used as a literacy enhancement procedure among different schools that handle different grade levels.
1st Quarter
Parent-Teacher Acquaintance Meeting
Here, the teachers and parents would have either a group session meeting or an individual interview [whichever is much preferred by both parties]. this would provide both teachers and parents to have a better understanding on the level of learning that their children have. Likely, the connection they would be able to establish could help both parties in assessing the problems and possible issues that may occur during the one year learning schedule of the children.
Through this particular step, it is expected that the teachers