Lee Strasburg Contribution to Actor Training and Neutralism

Strasberg was also an actor, director besides being a teacher of acting but the major proportion of his career journey was spent in developing and teaching different acting techniques (Barton, 2008). At the beginning of his career, Strasberg was interested in direction however soon he realized his passion for training the actors and then his complete attention was concentrated towards the training of the actors. In the ‘Group Theatre’ he taught several valuable acting techniques to the actors that later became successful and popular stars of the American theatre and film industry (Foster et al, 1989).
In the Group Theatre, he created the technique called The Method or Method Acting. Later he joined the non-profit ‘Actor Studio’ in New York City in 1951 that was regarded as the most prestigious acting school of the country at that time (Sharon M. 1999). Later in 1969, Strasberg created his own acting academy entitled Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. He established the institute in New York City and Hollywood where he worked to teach different styles and techniques of acting that he pioneered. His institute provided training to several generations of actors of films and theatres and worked to polish their talent through proper guidance and mentoring (Cole, 1995).
Strasberg has drawn significant impact upon the performance of theatre and movies in America because he revolutionized the art of acting by teaching actor several new and enhanced style and techniques of acting. He keenly observed the acting practice of the actors to identify the weak areas where improvement is required. Based upon his observations and readings he worked out the weak areas and developed the acting styles to bring improvement in the acting styles of the actors (Adams and Cindy, 1980).