Learning and Individual Differences

This research will begin with the statement that Nevertheless, the students are capable of studying and succeeding in academics. There are many characteristics that are exhibited by students with learning disabilities. These can be helpful to the teachers while trying to identify the students with special needs. The students occasionally fail to pay attention for a long period and are easily diverted by external occurrences beyond the classroom. They are normally forgetful and have problems of time consciousness. It is therefore difficult for them to make a proper time plan. The problem can also be exhibited in their inability to write legible handwriting and their reduced capacity to read. They usually omit some words while reading as well as pronouncing some letters incorrectly. This may be attributed to their inadequate coordination of the eyes and the hands. Understanding and adhering to instructions is usually difficult with a poor reasoning capacity, and therefore they fail to make sensible objectives. Such students are irritable and always require to be recognized, while on the other hand, they are quite disorganized and constantly mess up with procedures.
There are various types of learning needs. Many are not known because they do not exhibit notable physical characteristics.