Leadership Style of Googles CEO Larry Page

&nbsp.Larry Page has worked for the Google Company since its inception, a factor that gives him the advantage of understanding the company’s operations very well. He has a unique leadership style that explains why the company has proven to be highly successful. This paper will highlight the critical aspects of Page’s leadership style.
Over the years, Larry Page has demonstrated that he believes in democratic leadership. He indulges his employees in the decision-making process and gives attention to innovation. Mr Page also believes in empowering more employees to exhibit more creativity and innovation. During the first three years when he served as the chief executive officer, he led the company to the immense growth of over 200 employees. Page believes in an active management approach, which explains why he ensures that he is involved in all the company’s projects. He does not support traditional management and does not believe in autocratic leadership. He seeks to ensure that his leadership style is highly transformative so that he can attract more talent and retain the company’s employees. Mr Page is a team builder who avoids bureaucracy in order to minimize employee turnover. The company prides itself with talent from employees who have worked for the company since its inception (Helft, 2014). Without doubt, Page has a unique leadership style, which has become evident over the years.
Page believes in the philosophy that “We should be building great things that don’t exist”. He has often believed that the company can achieve anything as long as they have the resources and the right people on board. According to Page’s philosophy, innovation has remained to be an outstanding feature of his leadership at Google. He ensures that the company is working on products that have not existed in the globe before. The company gives little attention to competitors working on imitating its existing products. Instead, Mr Page ensures that the company stays ahead of its competitors by being highly innovative.&nbsp.&nbsp.