Leadership communication

X 490.996 – LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES FINAL EXAM PAPER LEAD BURCU UNSAL Question Write an example paragraph to persuade your boss about WHY he needs to give you a raise, with your hypnotic language. Make sure to use sandwich model and your emotional intelligence skills. 
It has been a pleasure working with you all this long as you have comfortably enjoyed the benefits of my hard work. Your enjoyment moments will continue even more with me around offering you the best services you can ever get. But then, my job obligations have been perfectly accomplished during my entire period don’t you agree with me? It is, thus kind enough if you figure out the benefits that you are accumulating as a result of my hard work and think of implementing an increment in my salary. It will be beneficial to both of us since I will be motivated to put more effort in my duty while, on the other hand, you will continue enjoying the benefits of leveraging from my skills, experience, and knowledge.
Question 2: Explain with an example from your own life, WHY it’s not the resources but the resourcefulness that makes the difference in life.
Indeed resources can be limited but the resourcefulness of a person has no limits. You can have no resources at all but by making yourself resourceful you will definitely make a difference in your life and even in someone else’s. Personally, I have been working at our family’s pharmaceuticals firm for a considerable amount of time. Initially, when I began the job I was not paid I just took it as a personal initiative to make good use of myself for the overall benefit of our family. I worked diligently to ensuring all management issues are sorted and within a short period the business had expanded considerably. My parents are very grateful for my services since the firm has grown in revenues, and now I am getting a monthly salary. I choose to volunteer, for the job, to put the skills I had learned in school into practice, but it has turned out to be a formal employment. My knowledge and skills have also improved immensely. Recently, I received an invitation from a multinational pharmaceuticals company offering me a lucrative job. The fact that I decide to make myself resourceful has opened new opportunities that are making my life better.
Question 3: Explain with an example from your personal life, WHY repetition is the KING of the skill.
The old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is still relevant in today’s life. When I decided to venture into voluntary work in our family’s business I had no idea of whatever was taking place there but because of the interest that I had for the job I strived to overcome any shortcomings that confronted me. For instance, I made numerous mistakes in my entry by misplacing crucial documents and at times making stupid and obvious mistakes. However, I never gave up on my ambition. I kept trying bearing in mind that one day I will be proficient in the work. Later, I perfected the art of doing the job and achieved more beyond my expectations. The revenues increased and the business expanded in operations by opening up two more outlets. Personally, I had enhanced my skills in the field and became a professional capable of running the business without any hurdles.
Question 4: Explain with an example from your personal life, WHY it’s not WHAT you say but HOW you say it, makes the difference in anything in life.
While working at the pharmaceuticals business, I was at times tasked with the marketing of the firm’s products to clients. Essentially, there were numerous such companies that were offering similar products or even better ones. Whenever clients came in it was my duty to convince them to buy from us even though it was a marketing cliché to tell potential customers that the products were of the best quality and would work perfectly. I choose to do it in a rather different manner to distinguish myself from the rest. I used my communication skills to have an edge in the market over the rivals by incorporating gestures, tonal variations as well as hypotonic language to convince the customers to shop with us. Ultimately, most customers were convinced and became regular clients, thus boosting the company’s revenues.
Question 5: Explain the five neurological levels of change with an example from your own life.
I am an assertive person who tends to achieve perfection in everything that I do. I don’t care about the opinions of others as long as whatever I am doing is for my own good and doesn’t affect others negatively (identity). I have personal values that I uphold in my everyday life. For instance, I am honest in that I do not believe in telling lies. Notwithstanding I firmly believe in supporting my moral obligations in all aspects of my life. Before doing anything, I always ask myself whether or not it is ethically correct (values). In terms of personal competencies, I possess strong managerial and persuasive skills that I can critically engage in any argument and easily convince my opponents to buy my school of thoughts (capabilities). Conversely, I tend to be a conservative individual who is assertive in nature (behavior). Finally, I tend to be greatly influenced by my immediate environment since it shapes a significant percentage of the choices and decisions that I make in life. The qualities and values that am made of today were as a result of my interaction with my surroundings (environment) (Roebuck and Business Expert Press, 2012).
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