Lan Yu

Lan Yu Stanley Kwan produced the movie Lan Yu in 2001. The movie is based on a novel that was written on the internet anonymously in 1998. It is a drama story that involves the romance between a gay couple and the challenges they go through. This essay will look into perceptions about gay relationships and their similarities to opposite gender relationships. Later focus will be on the acceptance of LTGB by the society in China.
Question one
I agree with the opinion that gay couples go through similar challenges as those faced by the opposite gender couples. Gay couples face the same issues. In this movie, Chen Handong who is a successful businessperson takes Lan Yu home with him just to have fun. He is clear that all he wants to do is have fun and they will eventually break up. In our society today such is the trend for the opposite gender couples. They are in it for the fun and not the relationship. Lan Yu falls in love with Handong but he finds out that the man is cheating which is the case for opposite gender couples. All form of couples can cheat and this is no different for the gay couples (Kwan, Lan Yu).
Make-ups and break-ups are prevalent in opposite gender couples. People break-up and later in life, their paths cross and they decide to try it again. This is no different for the gay couples as seen in this movie. Handong is worried that Lan Yu has been caught up in the violence in Tiananmen Square and looks for him. This was after their first break-up and he takes him back. When anyone wants to settle they may have doubts about their current partner and this may spill over to refusing to settle down or changing the partner. This is an experience that is faced by both the opposite gender couples and gay couples. Handong has an affair with Jingping because he is not sure if he wants to settle down with Lan Yu (Kwan, Lan Yu).
Question two.
The movie Lan Yu has depicted homosexuality as a socially accepted norm where Lan Yu and Handong’s sister hold a welcome-home party for Handong. Hangdong’s family shows great support for the couple’s relationship. The real situation in china is different. Families due to the following reasons do not support LTGB groups in this country. According to tradition, a man must marry the opposite gender in order to have children, which is considered a very important aspect of life. The wife is also supposed to care for the husband and thus many families do not allow this kind of marriages or relationships to exist. Socially this is not acceptable and most families do not support the idea of one marrying someone of the same sex. Gays have opted to marry people of the opposite sex while continuing with activities of their sexual orientation just to please their families.
Though the government does not discriminate against homosexuality, the legal framework is not all round. A private employer may choose to terminate the services of a person because he is gay and they will not get a reprieve under the law. Events organized by homosexuality are cancelled because they are deemed inappropriate even days or hours to those events. The government silently suppresses homosexuality and forces these people to conform to the social norms of the society. Many of the homosexuals will not come out if they feel unprotected. The public perception and the law need to change to accommodate them.
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