Investigate Legal Reporting Requirements for Psychologists

If any information regarding the personal life of the client leaks through the therapist then the client may lose confidence and trust. Trust is, however, significant for a therapist. In the field of psychology trust owns value. The treatment will fail if the client does not express everything ad hides even the tiniest details of his problems. Before maintaining multiple roles, dual roles need to be maintained. Before initiating a secondary role, primary roles are to be focused on.
A dual relationship is acceptable if it stays within the boundaries. Boundary crossing sometimes becomes inevitable. In small communities such as, rural and military, people do not stay within the limit. This is however, unavoidable. (, 2015)
According to the APA Ethical Code boundary crossing do not always aim to offend the dual relationship. If the therapist and the client have reached friendly terms with each other it is probable that they might hang out a little more. The therapist and the patient might have a dinner together or go out for a coffee. The therapist may prefer to take the client for a hike. In this way, during the hike, they can exchange comments about several things. The therapist will be assisted in his treatment. Dual relationships are when the therapist and the client share a same church or they are members of a same integrated activity. Exchange of gifts, introducing the therapist to their friends, inviting them over to dinner, hugging, sharing an experience are not dual relationships. Boundary crossing regarding dual relations can be altered based upon the client`s need and perspective. A client with less friends suffering from underconfidence and lack of competence may grow closer to the therapist. Taking a step back may offend the client. This should be avoided.
Attending the client`s wedding or a birthday party is